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Starry Station - Touchscreen WiFi Router

Starry Station - Touchscreen WiFi Router


Brand: Starry, Inc.


  • The touchscreen router that makes fast WiFi easy to use and set up
  • Fast home WiFi: Better gaming, streaming and surfing
  • Easy WiFi Parental Controls: Block usage on certain devices with just one tap
  • Never Wait On Hold: Request a call directly from the touchscreen or message via the app
  • Automatic Updates: Overnight updates deliver new and improved product features
  • Know Your Speed: Auto speed checks powered by let you know if you get the level of internet service you pay for
  • Works with all internet providers, modems and service types (cable, DSL, fiber, etc.); WPA2 Encryption

Operating System: iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux

Warranty: This product comes with a 1 year warranty.


With Starry Station, performance and simplicity go hand-in-hand. It gives you blazing-fast WiFi, tells you when there’s an issue and how to fix it, and comes with a host of other useful features to improve your home WiFi experience—all on an easy-to-use touchscreen. A better way to WiFi is finally here.

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