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Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener



Color: Stainless Steel / Matted Nickel


  • EASY MOUNTING / FREE MOUNTING SCREWS: Both the bottle opener and the cap catcher come with 2 stainless steel screws. (total of 4 screws)
  • NO MESS: No more worries about what to do with you caps after using the Beer Thirty Bottle Opener. Caps fall easily into cap catcher
  • REMOVE BOTTLE CAP: Wall mounted bottle opener makes it easy to open your drink of choice with just one hand. Put the opener in our bar, patio, man cave, or on your cooler
  • MATCHING: The opener and catcher have the words and logo of "Beer Thirty" on them. They look great together!!! Your friends and family will know what time it is when opening their new bottle.
  • MODERN & DURABLE: The opener has Nickel Matted finish to give it a modern design and is built well while telling you it's "Beer Thirty". The cap catcher is stainless steel and sports the design of "Beer Thirty"

Details: This bundle is made to make your life easier
When it comes to opening those bottle requiring a bottle opener. But no worries, you can still use the wall mounted bottle opener if your bottles are twist off. The opener lets you open the bottle with one hand, and with the catcher right below (about 7 inches), the caps will fall right in without having to worry about clean up. The cap is wide enough for you to reach in and pull out the caps the next morning, or if clean up is due that night, just left the catcher up and out to go take the caps to the trash. The catcher should be able to hold one night's worth of bottle caps (estimated at 75 caps), unless you got a big party going on. Either way, clean up is fast and easy! The catcher is also nice for the people that like to keep the caps. This will allow you the time and hassle of digging through the trash to get them.

Beer Thirty Bottle Opener: 3.25" tall x 2.75" wide x 1.25" deep
Beer Thirty Cap Catcher: 3.5" tall x 5.5" wide x 2.5" deep

What's Included
• One (1) Wall Mounted Opener
• One (1) Wall Mounted Cap Catcher
• Two (2) Sets of Stainless Steel Mounting Screws

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